RP-ALARA Vendor Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is applicable to all non-NSS vendors who participate in meetings of the RP-ALARA Association. Non-NSS vendor participation is limited to hosting of hospitality suites, or other participation specifically approved by the Board of Directors.

  1. Attendance and participation by non-NSS vendors at full Association meetings is permitted only at the invitation of the RP-ALARA Board of Directors.

    NSS vendors that are current members of the RP-ALARA Association are recognized as full “non-voting” members of the Association, and are encouraged to participate in Association meetings and activities.
  2. Hospitality suites are encouraged, however, they are to be arranged independent of the RP-ALARA Association. Sharing of suites between vendor representatives is encouraged to control cost and to facilitate better Association interaction.
  3. All vendor activities are to be scheduled at times that do not interfere with scheduled Association meetings, sessions, or related activities. The Association strongly discourages any actives designed to entice Association members away from participation in scheduled Association sessions.
  4. The Board of Directors may, at it’s discretion, request non-NSS vendors to give presentations on specific topics of interest to the Association, or request vendor attendance at topical presentations. In addition, non-NSS vendors may offer to make presentations to the RP-ALARA Association by submitting a request to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will maintain approval rights regarding presentation topics and materials to be presented by non-NSS vendors.

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