RP-ALARA Association Vision and Principles

RP-ALARA Association Vision:

The RP-ALARA Association is committed to continual improvement in radiation protection standards and performance at our utilities.

RP-ALARA Association Principles:

  1. The reduction of radiation dose to the workers of our plants, both utility employees and contractor personnel is a key measure of our success as a Association.
  2. The free exchange of pertinent information, data and lessons learned will be pursued in a constructive dialogue and atmosphere of mutual respect.
  3. The RP-ALARA Association strives to provide a high quality product in the most cost effective manner.
  4. The Association will develop and implement an integrated and consistent information exchange process by which issues are effectively identified, prioritized, analyzed, and communicated in a timely manner.
  5. The RP-ALARA Association supports effective outage work planning develops information exchange and communicates lessons learned in support of short-term (outage to outage) dose reduction.
  6. The Association strives to identify, evaluate and endorse recommendations for long-term source reduction design change activities such as cobalt reduction recognizing this as one of the most effective dose management techniques.
  7. The RP-ALARA Association continually evaluates industry products and services with exposure impacts and shares experiences: e.g., shutdown chemistry, operating chemistry, chemical decon, zinc injections, micro filtration, and mechanical decon equipment to effectively manage our individual utility resources.

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